Allow us please, to introduce our company

ORTOPOM Bří. ŠKODOVÉ spol. s r.o. (ORTHOPOM bros. ŠKODAs Ltd). This company was grounded in the year 1992 in the town of Hulín in Moravia as a family company. It started with the orientation and specialisation for the production of orthoses for damaged joints and ligaments for the surgical and conservative treatment and rehabilitation, further in the orthopaedic prosthetics. We are one of the biggest production companies in the Czech republic, not only with the volume of the production but with the assortment of the products, too.

Our company has its own development department and produces in three plants more than 105 arts of products, inclusive of children orthoses. Our products appear not only in the whole Czech republic but also in further 16 states in Europe, North America and Asia. The development department cooperates not only with specialists on famous workplaces in the whole Czech republic but it cooperates with significant companies and clinics in abroad, too. This cooperation and testing of our products on many of these clinics and selected workplaces is irreplaceable for the development and for the production, and the end result of it is a product with the best properties for efficiency, comfort and optimal application for all patients or sportsmen. Our production program is directed to the production of body and limb orthoses made from different inland and external materials. The functionality and quality of our products is well comparable with foreign products, our products, of course, are much cheaper.

There work 56 stable employees in the company ORTHOPOM bros. ŠKODAs HULÍN CZECH REPUBLIC Ltd. and further in the distribution and orthopaedic prosthetics.

All the products of the company are carriers of the mark CE. The company is owner of the system for the quality control according to EN ISO 9001:2000. We are able to produce any modification of each product from our catalogue according to the individual needs, sizes and wishes as they are presented by doctors and patients.

All the products, which are distributed in the Czech republic, are fully paid by the General health insurance society and by the branch health insurance societies.

Prosthetic aids with reinforcements, planchets, pellots and splints give stability, support and protection against an injury, at the body bands they reinforce the backbone and help to insulate the backbone aagainst cold. We product further prosthetic aids from neoprene for medical purposes for the sportsmen. Orthoses are a perfect support and they complete the common sanitary methods during the medical treatment. They can be used not only by the sportive injuries, chronic, degenerative, and by old age generated diseases of joints, but also by acute damages of the ligament apparatus. They are effective against the intumescences and support the blood circulation.

We believe, that our products with high quality and very short delivery dates will be a good assistant in the treatment of all patients,
We do not only produce the prosthetic aids but we understand what we produce, too.

We will be glad, if you will come to us with your interesting proposals to our work.